ICS cloud

New cost-effective and flexible way of managing your radio planning projects
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ICS cloud – access to ICS software packages and online services for a dedicated period of time.

ICS cloud offers
(*) Annual plan, price per month

ICS cloud benefits

ICS cloud is a digital hub that offers the following functions and benefits:

  • A monthly rent of best-in class radio planning solutions from ATDI ICS designer (x86 or x64 version) anytime, anywhere to address your projects needs

  • No depreciation

  • Temporary licenses to manage increased workload over time and budget constraints

  • Maintenance and technical support during the purchased period of time

  • The right number of licenses at the right time

  • Easy payment schedule– monthly plan

  • Benefit from new software features and upgrades as soon as they are released at no extra cost

  • Switch from one tool to another at any time - flexibility to adapt the tools according to your needs and projects

  • Worldwide map, DTM and clutter hosted on ATDI servers and available anytime, anywhere

  • Bing Maps integration with access to highest quality imagery at no extra cost

  • Reduction of the total cost of ownership

  • A solid roadmap to keep on optimizing performance and cost

  • Massive computing (multi-processing / unlimited sessions)

How to order ICS cloud

You can contact us to require your soft key
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