CISCO Automatic Smart Grid planning with ICS designer

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Fig. 1 – Cluster definition: electric meters able to be connected to a hub stations directly or via other electric meters.

With ICS designer, the planning of SmartGrid networks is just a few clicks away

–          Model the electric meters as subscribers

–          Create clusters (connections) between the meters

–          Use automatic planning features for the Hub network

–          Check performance

–          Reporting (hops, connections…)

CISCO case study

ATDI has been chosen by CISCO, the world leader in RF smart metering and networking communications to design and optimize the IP Wireless Mesh Network in Island’s Tasmania in order to deploy their RF smart electric metering network solution. The advanced clustering module developed in ICS Designer has been used to design, optimize and assure the integrity and reliability of the IP Wireless Mesh Network that includes thousands RF smart meters and routers devices.


These study includes the following tasks:

–          Assure the RF interconnection between more than 30 000 electric metering devices.

–          Assure the interconnection between all the reclosers and at least two routers

–          Add of repeaters considering the existing electric pole locations in order to assure inter connectivity between reclosers and routers located in the urban and rural areas.


Fig. 2 – Electric meter locations


Fig. 3 – Electric meters connected to a hub station


The main purpose of this study was:

  • Check the consistency of the mesh network (especially the  interconnection between the  RF devices)
  • Find the best repeater locations allowing to achieve the target reliability needed for this kind of network with a minimum of repeater equipments.

The clustering module developed in ICS Designer has allowed to assure the CISCO mesh network  design and optimization based on specific criterions dedicated to this particular RF mesh network

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