New automatic model tuning in ATDI tools

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Automatic model tuning in ATDI tools (ICS telecom, ICS designer and ICS LT)

The model tuning module already available in our tools has been widely improved with:
– More tuning options;
– Very fast computing time;
– Coverage and point to point optimization engines.

In a full automatic way, it is now possible to select the best subpath propagation model among various possible methods: Standard, Coarse, Fine, Area and MD91. From the measurement file used in input, simulation results with the different subpath models with be compared in terms of average error and correlation rates.

The tools will also offer automatic tuning of clutter properties such as the clutter height and the clutter attenuations (flat in dB and linear in dB/km). From the correlation results (average error and correlation rates) comparing input measurements and simulations with different clutter parameters, the features will automatically tune the selected parameters to reach the best correlation results.

Correlation results before propagation model tuning

Correlation results after clutter and subpath tuning

Model tuning in ICS telecom (PDF)

In partnership with Maciej Eckstein

New automatic model tuning in ATDI tools: “We tune the maps not the physics!”

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