ATDI provides HTZ warfare to CCOMGEX

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ATDI recently completed a week long HTZ warfare training course in Brasilia-DF, Brazil for the Centro de Instrução de Guerra Eletrônica (CIGE), the electronic warfare school that is part of the Brazilian Army’s, Centro de Comunicações e Guerra Eletrônica do Exército (CCOMGEX). CCOMGEX’s main responsibility within the Brazilian military’s land forces is to manage its operating activities, logistics and education as it relates to electronic warfare and communications, as well as, managing signal intelligence and cooperating in the areas of science and technology. The training course was part of a larger contract that delivered 13 licenses of HTZ warfare in December 2012.


ATDI sent its training personnel to CIGE’s school in Brasilia to execute the week long training in March. Along with the support of ATDI’s local representative, Latin Media, the 13 CIGE students received hands-on instructions on how to utilize HTZ warfare to model triangulation and jamming scenarios. The CIGE students were taught a wide range of topics, such as, how to optimize the placement of an electronic attack system on a particular geographic location, identifying hidden enemy networks with direction finder algorithms, calculating fixed or mobile jammer coverage/efficiency analyses over 3D terrain and optimizing allied radio equipment location to intercept enemy communications without detection from enemy radars.

The electronic warfare students also learned how to detect mobile targets along a path and command control communications with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). They also learned planning of military satellites GSO & NGSO orbit, constellation planning and deployment with ground-based network link analysis capabilities. ATDI trainer, Joel Rodriguez says “The best part of conducting a training course for customers like CCOMGEX is when the users say, ‘Now, I am equipped to do the work I could not do before’ with a smile on their face. We are looking forward to working with and supporting all of the CIGE students for years to come.”

With the assistance of Latin Media, ATDI will be providing maintenance support to the CIGE students for the next two years.

Learn more about HTZ warfare here.

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